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Les Petits Joueurs just opened its new headquarters in Milan - taking over a venue inside a historic building in the prestigious Brera District, the 18,000 square - meters complex will be comprised of the Main Office, Showroom and a space for Press Presentations.

Utilising the complex’s open floor plans the new expanse features an additional story glassand high ceilings, the building breaks down the site’s symmetry and generates a powerfulchromatic relationship with the initial representation and the chromatic of the interiordesign. With a focus on the house aesthetic, the build enhancing the stylistic features of the90s design and aims to transmit the brand’s DNA. The industrial window frames that letslight flow into the interiors, the wood contemporary furniture and feathery carpet createthrough the spatial layout seamless interaction between the inside and the outside. Thelarge space that now hosts events and presentations as well and the storey which interactsclosely with the old constructions, stand out within the site area.