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Cookies Policy

This cookie policy refers exclusively to the website and is integral part of the Privacy Policy of said website.


Cookies are small strings of text that are sent from websites to users’ device  and are memorized in order to enable users to be redirected back to the same website, during any future visits. Thanks to cookies, a website remembers a user’s actions and preferences, such as login data, chosen language links and other display settings so that do not have to be specified again when users next visits the website or browses from one page to another. During the navigation, users device may receive cookies from other websites or severs (“third parties”), of which are made up of different elements.

There are different types of cookies that can remain on a user’s device for different periods of time: 

Sessional cookies: they are stored only for the duration of the browsing session and are cancelled when the session is closed

Persistent cookies: they stored for longer periods, until their expiry or cancellation by the user. 

Furthermore, cookies may be installed by the website the user is visiting (first party cookies) or may be installed by other websites (third party cookies).

Cookies do not collect direct personal data information concerning the user. 


Browsing or session technical cookies. These cookies allow a normal and efficient browsing and use of the website. These cookies do not require the prior and express consent of the user as they are linked to the provision of the service requested by the user of the website.

Technical functionality cookies. These cookies are used to activate specific functions of the website and a series of selected criteria in order to improve the service provided.

Cookies or other anonymous analytical/statistical identifiers from first and third parties. These cookies are used to collect information, in an anonymized form, on the way users browse the website, and to keep track of  the website traffic, for functional website operation purposes. The information collected by these cookies is processed aggregately and anonymously. The use of these cookies does not involve the processing of personal data and the prior consent of users is not required.

Third party profiling cookies. LPJ uses third party profiling cookies  to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the users while browsing the website. These cookies includes third party social media cookies that allow information on the user’s social network use to be collected. The use of such cookies requires the express and informed consent of the user.

The third parties, listed below with the links to the relative privacy policies, also act as independent data controllers of the data collected through the cookies they send, therefore users must refer to their personal data processing policies, information notices and any consent collection forms.

Advertising and social media cookies. These cookies are used for LPJ advertisements displayed on third-party websites, including social media, and are tailored to users preferences and to help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. If users refuse these cookies, advertising  will continue to be displayed as users browse the Internet, although they will not be specific to users personal interests.

Further details of the cookies used on the Site are as follows:

Cookie Storage Period

Regarding “third-party” cookies, users are invited to read the Privacy Policies as previously indicated.

Acceptance methods

By clicking the “OK” button on the pop-up cookie banner users may give your consent to the use of cookies. (Check method with team). In any case, users can review their choices regarding cookie settings at any time.